A full service HR consulting firm

BBAimmigration is a Ontario based Human Resources consulting company providing experienced, flexible and affordable HR solutions to small and medium sized companies. We offer project-based Human Resources expertise, interim Human Resources support or part-time Human Resources management.

Our niche is in cross-border human resources practices and employment regulations between Canada and the US. We bridge the gap between the different human resources landscapes.

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HR Management fitting your needs

Whether you need a part-time HR expert, interim HR help or ongoing HR support, BBAimmigration offers flexible, customized and affordable Human Resources solutions. Our team is available to be your dedicated HR expert virtually or on-site, lead HR projects, and provide interim HR support to cover leaves or turnover. We also act as a Fractional HR Leader, appealing to start-ups or growing companies who require additional help before hiring a full-time onsite HR professional.

Whatever your needs, BBAimmigration has to know-how to handle all of your human resource requirements so you can focus on success.

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